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If you’re arachnophobic…

Look away now.

A few years ago I created a flower meadow in my garden and I like to see what wildlife might make it their home. One very impressive beast which occasionally makes an appearance is the wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi). Every year I keep a close eye out for them and this year I’ve been lucky again after a few years’ absence.


It was in a slightly hidden position on its web, and as I inched my camera forward through the grass it took fright. But luckily it scampered up the dry stems to a much more exposed position and I could get a clear view – very obliging of it.

I still have a slight arachnophobia, which has gradually faded over the years, but I’ve always found spiders very impressive beasts and this has to be one of the most striking you’re likely to find in the UK.